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Tom entered the professional sound design sphere in 2018 when The UnDisposables kickstarted its bold new theatre collective. Since then, he has produced immersive soundscapes and composed music for fringe theatre, short films, and commercial marketing assets.


For over six years, Tom has championed his position as resident sound designer of The UnDisposables to create sound for most of its works. He uses a mixture of live recording, digital composition, and on-location sampling to bring his ideas to fruition. Tom owns a catalogue of musical instruments including guitars, drums, keyboards, percussion, synthesizers, lute, xalam, bongos, and more to create musical ensembles. He also owns a comprehensive list of VSTs, digital editing software, and speaker systems to mix and master tracks to a high standard. Tom has a wealth of knowledge working with directors and scriptwriters to bring sound to life. Whether for a social media campaign or a feature-length movie, Tom strives for excellence in his work.

The UnDisposables is a resident company of patron Ian McKellen's The Space Theatre in Canary Wharf. Tom has designed sound for their main body of works, including the 2018 debut of 'Scratching The Surface' at The Camden People's Theatre, Esther Joy Mackay's 'The Jailer's Daughter' (2019), Morgan Lloyd Malcolm's 'The Wasp' (2019), and William Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar' (2020). Most recently, Tom designed and operated the sound for the company's production of 'Save The Princess', a choose-your-own-adventure that debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023. The company continues its work as a fierce and supportive network of creatives eager to generate captivating live performances within the fringe theatre spotlight.

For collaborations and enquiries, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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